How To Get Your Ex Back – 3 Essential Step

Nobody likes breakups in their relationships. But, most people have the same advice for such people that forget your ex and be prepared for the rest of your life. However, we all know that it’s not easy to do that. Many of us still want to fight for our relationship and wish that we get just one more chance to save it. We still want to give it one last try.

text-your-ex-back.jpgThis article is just for those people who think the same. The ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ is an online guide that gives you the opportunity to get your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back and stay with them forever. However, if you can’t get your partner back even after reading and following this unique guide, then you can be assured that your relationship wasn’t meant to last. And, if it works then not only you would thank its creators for being able to get your ex-back but be glad that you took some time to go through it.

The steps that are mentioned in the ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ online guide are based upon certain psychological techniques which have proven effects on broken relationships. There are no cheap gimmicks or mind strategies used to make your ex believe that you are the best for him/her. If you want to forcefully make your ex believe in your cheap gimmicks then it could have adverse effects and you may lose him/her forever. This special online program is a highly informative guide that helps a user to re-build their relationship from scratch and make it last forever.

The first step of ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ unique program is to realise the mistakes that one makes in their relationship and start avoiding these. If you keep on repeating these mistakes you would not only start driving your ex away but start losing trust and worth of your ex.

The ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ special online guide warns its users against some common mistakes that are as described below:

beg to your partnerShow desperation and beg to your partner

This is the most obvious reaction of a person just after a breakup. But, our partner never quite understands our desperation and does not change his/her mind. Being needy for something or someone is not an attractive way of expressing your emotions and mustbe avoided.

Doormat Syndrome 


This mistake is usually committed right after pleading and begging. This means to throw away your self-worth in the trash. A person agrees to everything that their ex says without considering their own happiness. In this, you keep your self-worth, dreams and happiness in the trash bin and agree to all conditions of your ex. He/she makes you do this because you already shown your desperation and pleaded to be with him/her no matter what. You would soon start feeling like a doormat in front of your ex and your relationship would sooner or later end abruptly. However, if you try to avoid this common error, you would not have to feel like a ‘doormat’ and give a great chance for your relationship to survive.

drunk The Phone Calamity

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to contact a person. Some of them are phone, texting, facebook, twitter and many more. This plethora of communication options makes a person to commit a most common mistake. This to send text messages to their ex several times in a day (even hundreds or thousands of texts). It is not difficult to imagine how irritating it is to get a thousand text messages from someone who you don’t want to speak to. What if the same person calls you late at night after getting drunk and says non-sense to you. Well, nobody would appreciate this nor want to make any kind of relationship with that person. So, please avoid the texting your ex mistake at all costs and allow them some private time. This would surely give them a better chance of understanding you and come back to your life.

Showing Unnecessary Affection Showing Unnecessary Affection 

Your ex knows exactly how much you love him/her. They also know how much happy you become with them or how complete you feel in their company. The reverse is also true. They are also considerate towards you. So, it is not necessary to make him/her aware of this. Believe me, your ex does not want to be reminded of all this. It only makes him/her more worried about your relationship.




The next step to take after avoiding the common mistakes in your relationship with your ex is to start focusing on your own self. Once you start focusing on yourself, you will get a greater opportunity to rectify your earlier mistakes which you made in your relationship. Even if you have not made any errors in the first step of the How to get Your Ex Back online guide, you ought to follow this phase as it has been considered the most important step of this program. The gist of this phase of the guide is to “Stop focusing on your ex and only concentrate on yourself”. To follow this piece of advice it is essential that you stop all types of communication with your ex and only focus on your own self.

no-contactTo stop all communications with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend is very essential as this will make you a lot happier and more attractive. Now, next thing to remember is to avoid all the mistakes we mentioned about previously. If you find this difficult to do, think as if you were to impress someone just now. You would surely want to look calm, relaxed, confident and happy to achieve your objective.

The best aspect of this no-contact rule is that once you stop all kinds of contact with him/her you express your disinterest in that person and this may lead to your ex think more about you and may just return back. The recommended duration of having to stop contact is for at least one month. This may even change depending upon your situation but should be a few weeks at least. However, make sure that you keep to yourself in this one month and keep all your focus on yourself only.

A few precautions that you can keep to avoid doing mistakes and follow the no-contact rule are as mentioned below:

  • Relax After your breakup, it is quite natural to experience several types of emotions. You will sometimes feel obsessed with your ex, sometimes angry, sad, guilty, resentful or even shocked. Although, such emotions are a normal reaction of your mind but they can be damaging to your chances of obtaining your ex back. Plus, you must not panic and do anything not necessary in such situations. You need to take care of yourself especially your mind and relax as much as possible. In my opinion, you should try anything which relaxes you.
  • Prevent Negative thoughts from entering your mind – The negative thoughts should be stopped from coming into your mind which can be extremely disturbing for your life. Some of these thoughts are related to one’s death and failure in their love life. This kind of self-talk is damaging to your self-esteem and would ultimately destroy your chances of being happy in life.
  • Look at your relationship like it was earlier – Breakups in one’s relationship is not liked by anybody. You feel very sad and in grief once it happens. Once you are away from our ex you think that you have lost a perfect partner. However, this may not be true all the times. People start to speculate if it were they who caused the break-up or was it their partner. This may be hard to guess but one thing that’s sure is that the relationship wasn’t meant to last. According to me, if you wish to get back and rebuild your relationship then you have to identify your flaws and try to remove them. Also, think hard whether you really want to go back to your ex and would this make you happier?
  • Enjoy – Even if you are not feeling good from inside, you must try to enjoy everything around you. Think of those things which can make you happy and pick up yoga or any other hobby just to keep yourself motivated. Once you stop thinking about your ex, you can discover a lot of things which you can do even when you’re alone. This would give you a fresh perspective on life and you can start your life all over again. When you are finished with the second phase of this How to Get Your Ex Back guide you are free to move to the third step.

Now, we can move on to the third and final step of this How to Get Your Ex Back online program which is the Re-Attraction phase. In this phase, a user needs to learn how to rebuild his/her broken relationship with their ex. Some users might start to think that their ex left them since they were not attractive anymore. However, this is not necessarily true. The truth is that you are attractive and that’s why your ex once was charmed by you and found some great qualities in you.

All that is required by your side is to go and contact them and try to discuss any issues which were unresolved. But, remember that you should only go to your ex if you have completely understood and followed the teachings of step 2. If you failed to follow the second step then it could be dangerous to approach your ex even since it will blow your relationship off permanently.


There are many ways to contact your ex like phone, texting, email, twitter or even a handwritten letter. According to my experience, a handwritten letter is the best alternative of all. There are also other ways to re-attract your ex and those will be discussed later in other articles on the same topic. These include setting up a date, being more attractive, choosing the right moves at the right time and other special moves.

10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Ex Back – 3 Essential Step

  1. My ex always text me and try to contact me but when I respond she doesn’t respond. I know her but

    why she is contacting me and not replying when I respond at all?

    1. Hello Leroy
      The reason is simple dear because you are responding to her text. When You already know what she’all about then just don’t respond.

  2. I have one more question to you if you don’t mind. If she will ask you to be friends or even to get

    back together, what you will say?

      1. Hello Leroy

        Thats really nice question. If you still love her then respond honestly if you believe that there can be future for the two of you.

    1. Hello Ned
      Yes! If You still have feelings for her you should contact her but keep in mind all the points which I have mentioned in my article.

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