10 Things You Should NEVER do after a Breakup

10 Things never do after breakupNo wonder the post break-up time is nothing less than a traumatic and stressful condition. It takes a toll out of us. Well break up carries its own after-affects which may make us do some maniac stuff as well.

After getting out of a relationship, you don’t know how to react, whom to reach and what exactly to say. I guess the pain itself is way more than thinking about other petty issues but then there are certain rules and protocols for everything.

Same applies in the case with break ups. There is in fact a list of things that you are not supposed to after a break up. Well, you know the biggies here but then there are some in particular which you should always keep a track of. So here are the 10 things you should never do after a breakup:

1. Trying to remain friends– Yes, Don’t even give it a shot. People can rarely make such transitions after break ups. You got to give each other some space. If you try to offer your friendship to your ex-lover straightaway after the break-up, then factually you are not really giving each other that well deserved space and time to get over that bond you had. You got to cut all the ties straight away at least until the wounds heal themselves.

2. Thinking of Revenge- No. Don’t waste your energy, time and whatever little of brains left to that creepy and crappy concept of revenge. It won’t work. All it’ll do is to harm you and your self-esteem. Just don’t pull yourself to those ego rivalries. Take a word on it. It is of absolutely no use.

Thinking of Revenge

3. Isolating yourself- It really makes me wonder for how is isolation be a solution for anything. Remember that you are too awesome to deserve seclusion. Just see beyond the 4-walled world and you’ll actually see glimpses of LIFE there. Try getting out of your comfort zone. Meet people you love getting accompanied by. Take some risks. Go shopping, wear the coolest of clothes and be awesome because that’s what you always have been.

Isolating yourself

4. Clinging to your past – When you know that the relationship is over, you got to accept every bit of it and stop sticking to your past. If you keep thinking about him/ her knowing that those moments won’t come back, it’ll only push you to depression. It’s better that you think about the present. Every moment is worth living. It is high time that you realize it. In fact, better look forward for you future. You never know what future has in store for you, right!

Clinging to your past

5. Going on random dates – Moving on is one thing and going on random dates is another! It is definitely advisable to move on, meet your friends, try to get back to that normal phase of life but it in no way means that you go book yourself a date with next person who buys you a drink.This is no way of getting over your past relationships. You shouldn’t be even close to doing that. Such stupid encounters are further going to complicate the matter.

Going on random dates

6. Staking him/ Her – It’s a big NO factor. You know the relationship has ended only because something in it worked like a glitch for you guys. With the fact that you must offer some space to this person, you really have to keep some alone time for yourself as well.
Stalking her will only end up hampering her privacy and it will be no way of getting her back in life. You’ll be nothing but a psycho to her. After the breakup, people tend to stalk their ex on social media as well. Checking their profiles now and then, see how is the life going at other end and things like those.It’ll only going to hurt you even more. Just cut all the connections you have had with this person for a while because keeping in touch this will only make you get regretful of your actions.

Staking him/ Her

7.  Don’t tell your story to everyone – Yes, we understand that the pain goes deep and you got to open it up with someone, you know to pour your heart out but telling about it to every random person you meet is nothing intelligent really. Just hold back when you think you’re doing that.Trust me, the society will only sympathize till you are with them but as soon as you leave them, it won’t make any difference to them. So, just keep ‘your story’ to yourself or maybe to a few trustworthy friends but try not to create an unnecessary buzz around.

8. Turning to alcohol- No. It is not even an option. Going to obsessive drinking while you are facing relationship issues is nothing but hell stupid. It is like mixing vodka with milk. Imagine the bizarre combination, right!

Turning to alcohol

I know drinking really gets appealing when you are low but the chances are you’ll lose your mind and end up doing things that you may regret for the rest of your life. Instead it is advisable that you stay around your friends and family so that you don’t get stumbled upon doing something this stupid.

9. Ignoring yourself- It often happens that with the post-break up effects, you try to get over the whole thing by indulging yourself into heap of work and other activities. Just don’t forget to take some time yourself. Remember keeping yourself busy isn’t a solution, participating in activities that helps you get better and makes you normal can still be a viable option.
Just make sure that you were doing great before that relationship and you can still stay fantastic after the relationship. Everything takes time but preoccupying with work isn’t a solution.

Ignoring yourself

10. Holding on to the memory lanes – Everything is over. Yes. Can’t say about the future but right now, with the end of the relationship, the person is out of your life. Dump all the keepsakes. I mean, what is the point anyways? There are memory triggers which make you go back to those memory lanes but you got to cope with it and make sure that everything has received an end from your side, even those memories.

We are your well-wishers and understand that at some point of time, each of us have experience this post break up phase which is, needless to say, bad. Just get over it.

Be the awesome thing you were and you’ll see that life isn’t really a bitch.

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