5 Signs that mean your Ex-Boyfriend Still Wants You Back

Well, a break up can be really shattering for people. Ending of a relationship can have its adverse effects on people. Girls are generally considered as the emotionally vulnerable section but then the guys too, equally bear up the consequences.Men, in general are not able to convey their real emotions to people, especially when it comes to relationships. To an exception, some can be immensely romantic and expressive but it doesn’t really apply to every guy. So, when a relationship goes through those rough patches, men usually opt for the silent zone but that doesn’t mean that they feel the pain any lesser than women.

Sometimes, they may even want you to get back in life but fail to express it directly but then there are signs by which you can understand that maybe he want that flame of romance back with you. Here are 5 signs that mean that your ex-boyfriend still wants you back:

Sign 1

If he is insanely calling or texting you – Yeah, as a matter of fact you anyways know that he misses you. I mean, with a relationship, there develops a bond and it’s a little difficult to erase everything in one go. It is pretty obvious that if he is taking his time out to message or call you then it really is a big sign that he is taking interest.Now frankly with this, you shouldn’t just get back in his arms. You got to give these things some time. His trials for contacting you back is definitely a positive sign but you got to hold yourself back here and follow the No Contact Rule. With this No Contact Rule, you are somewhat annoying him and the chances of him contacting you escalates substantially.


Sign 2

If they keep in touch with your family – Your ex-boyfriend, if in anyway are interested in getting back with you then he will definitely try to play his family card with you. They’ll try to reach out to your family and friends especially if you have maintained a no contact thing with him. It really is a fact that if you are not keeping any contact with your ex and if he wants to get back with you, then he will definitely try to get in the good books of people who are close to you. If you also want to get back to him, this frankly is a pretty good sign. Although the other way around, there is also a possibility that he is keeping in touch with your friends just irritate you but then those cases are rare and you can usually tell that.


Sign 3

The same physical touch – All right, so this may sound a little peculiar but if you apply this in your real life then it might come to your conclusion that the point is viable enough. The fact is, whenever you meet your ex, check if he is maintaining the same physical contact with you like earlier. This may include the way he holds your hand, touches your arm or anything like that, you’ll know it. He really does wants you back. Another consolidated reason to state the same would be that after a break-up, it gets a little awkward to go the same way with your ex. But if there are signs that he is willing to get back to the same terms with you irrespective of whatever happened, then yeah, he wants you back.

same physical touch

Sign 4

Talking about the future – If your ex keeps talking about the future perspectives and sometimes fore vision you in his future while in his conversations then most probably he is hinting you about reconciliation and he hopes that you become a prominent part of his life.

talking about future

Sign 5

The Big dating dilemma – Yes, if your ex-boyfriend wants you back then he’ll definitely won’t rush for another relationship. There are big fat chances are that he’ll avoid dating for quite a long time and even if he’s seeing someone, he’ll make sure that it is under the wraps so that it doesn’t hurt you. The most probable reason of doing this is that he doesn’t want anybody else to take the place that you had in his life and is probably hoping that sometime, someday, you’ll come back to him.

dating dilemma

So, I guess I have made my points clear enough. If your ex is somewhat following the similar trail then you know what he is up to. These signs will help you know that he wants you back.

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